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How to Clean Persian Cat Eyes

Persian cats are known for their stunning looks, especially their gorgeous eyes, but their beauty requires care, too. If you own a Persian cat, you need to know how to keep those eyes clean and healthy.

In this blog, we will show you why it is important to clean your Persian cat’s eyes and how to do it right. You will also discover how this routine can strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend. So, let’s start our journey into the world of Persian cat eye cleaning!

Why do you need to clean your Persian cat’s eyes?

Persian cats are far from ordinary; they are a breed with specific requirements. Taking good care of their eyes through regular cleaning is crucial.

Let’s explore why it’s so important to keep your Persian cat’s eyes clean:

1. Tear Stains

Persian cats have big, round eyes with a flat face and nose, and they are known to have underdeveloped tear ducts, which can lead to tear staining and other eye-related issues. When tears gather on the fur around their eyes, it can create reddish-brown stains, which not only make them look messy but can also cause discomfort and irritation.

2. Preventing Infections

Not cleaning your Persian cat’s eyes can create a breeding ground for bacteria. The wetness near their eyes can make bad microorganisms grow, and that might lead to eye infections. When you clean their eyes often, you get rid of the dirt and stuff that can cause these problems, making it less likely for your cat to get eye infections.

3. Visibility and Well-being

Clean eyes make your cat feel good and look nice. When you keep them clean, your cat can see clearly and move around comfortably. Healthy eyes are essential for your cat’s happy life.

4. Bonding and Trust

Cleaning your Persian cat’s eyes can strengthen your bond with them. It helps you and your cat trust each other more. Cleaning their eyes allows you both to be close and show love. It’s a positive and warm experience that makes your friendship even stronger.

5. Routine Grooming

Adding eye cleaning to your cat’s grooming routine is very important. Along with brushing their fur and keeping them clean, cleaning their eyes becomes something you do regularly. It’s a way to help your Persian cat look and feel great.

What do you need to clean a Persian cat’s eyes?

To clean your Persian cat’s eyes, you’ll need:

  • Soft Cloth or Gauze: Get a soft, clean cloth or special pet gauze pads. Make sure they’re smooth and not rough.
  • Warm Water: Use water that’s comfortably warm.
  • Cat Eye Cleaning Liquid: If there’s already a lot of tear staining on the fur, you might need a stronger solution. You can get special cat eye cleaning liquid from a pet store or your vet. Make sure it’s safe for cats and doesn’t have bad stuff in it.
  • Treats: Have some cat treats on hand to give positive reinforcement during and after the cleaning process.

Steps for cleaning a Persian cat’s eyes

Cleaning the eyes of a Persian cat is a simple process, but it’s very important to be gentle and patient. Here are the steps to clean your Persian cat’s eyes:

  1. Prepare your tools: Get a soft cloth, warm water, a special cat eye-cleaning liquid, and some treats for your cat.
  2. Wash Your Hands: Make sure your hands are clean.
  3. Make Your Cat Calm: Find a quiet spot and pet your cat to help them relax.
  4. Wet the Cloth: Make the cloth a little wet with warm water, but not too wet.
  5. Use the Eye Liquid: If your cat’s eyes are very dirty, put a few drops of the eye cleaning liquid on the cloth.
  6. Clean the Eyes: Gently wipe your cat’s eyes, starting from the inside and moving out. Use a different part of the cloth for each eye.
  7. Give Treats: Give treats to your cat during and after cleaning to make them happy.
  8. Repeat if Needed: If the eyes are still dirty, you can clean them again.
  9. Clean the Cloth: Wash the cloth and let it dry for next time.
  10. Praise Your Cat: Tell your cat they did a great job and give them more treats.
  11. Keep an Eye Out: Watch your cat’s eyes to make sure they don’t get worse. If they do, take your cat to the vet.

It is very important to be patient and gentle, and your cat will get used to this routine over time. It’ll become easier for both of you.

How often should you clean a Persian cat’s eyes?

You should clean your Persian cat’s eyes about once a day. This regular cleaning routine can help keep their eyes looking good and feeling comfortable. If their eyes get very dirty, you can clean them more often, but daily cleaning is a good guideline.


In our guide, we’ve shared the simple things you need to do to keep your Persian cat’s eyes in good shape. Cleaning your cat’s eyes regularly is important. It helps prevent problems and keeps your cat healthy and looking good. This simple routine also makes your bond with your cat even stronger.

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